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OFFER THE VERY BEST IN BREADS, PASTRIES AND PATISSERIES FOR EVERY OCCASION You can buy from us in two ways. Every day we have pop-up stalls in various locations (typically markets, high streets and local events). You can find a full list of our regular venues here.
Alternatively, you can order on-line then pick your order up from one of our pop-ups. When you order, you can choose which venue you would like your order to be delivered to and which day you prefer. We will then get your order to that venue for you to collect.


DELICIOUS BREAD, NATURALLY MADE Everything we do to present you with our breads and cakes is natural. Everything we use is fresh and organic. The results are delicious and healthy. Not only can you taste the difference; your body will feel the difference over time. And by using no unnecessary additives, we make a small, but significant ecological contribution.


YEARS OF SKILL AND A LIFETIME OF DEDICATION Each form of pastry has its own particular skill and it can take many years to master each of them. But baking great pastry is only part of the challenge. We take each pastry form and create fantastic textures and flavours.


HAND-CRAFTED WITH PASSION Our Patisseries are baked by a team of bakers with a passion for fresh ingredients, delicious flavours and stunning presentation. Our recipes are constantly being improved to ensure that our very high standards are maintained. We offer quality cakes that are unbeatable in size and taste. Pick up a slice for a lunchtime treat or order online in preparation for a special event.
I t   all   began   in   2007   when   Steve   Brown   and   his   four   sons   decided   to   trade   their   bananas   for   bread!   After   thirty   years   in   the   fruit   business   in   East   London,   Steve decided   to   begin   a   new   quest   to   create   bread   that   tasted   just   as   he   remembered   it   from   his   childhood.   With   the   help   of   his   four   sons   and   darling   daughter,   Steve has   grown   the   business   from   three   markets   a   week   to   over   fifty   in   the   last   ten   years!   The   business   has   expanded   to   embrace   many   more   members   of   staff   who have slowly become a part of the brownbread family.   Starting   off   with   our   wide   range   of   breads,   we   couldn’t   help   but   pair   this   with   pastries   and   patisseries   as   well!   Who   doesn’t   love   a   naughty   treat   with   their   afternoon cuppa?   Our   passion   is   to   provide   quality   products   that   you   can   no   longer   find   in   supermarkets.   We   have   sourced   some   of   the   best   bakers   in   England   to   create handmade   breads;   everything   from   a   classic   cottage   tin   to   our   superb   cholla!   Our   breads   typically   contain   flour,   yeast,   water   and   salt   –   there   are   no   nasty additives.   We   load   our   vans   at   the   crack   of   dawn   seven   days   a   week   to   drive   to   our   regular   town   centres,   country   markets,   shows   and   universities   whilst   also   supplying   to local restaurants and events.   We   are   a   small   business   with   a   big   dream   to   constantly   provide   the   best   breads   in   Britain   without   unnecessary   additives   and   instead   using   organic   ingredients   as much   as   possible.   We   want   our   customers   to   grow   to   love   our   products   like   we   do   here   at   brownbread.   That’s   why   we   are   constantly   on   the   lookout   for   markets and   shows   in   the   South   East,   the   home   counties   and   the   Midlands.   No   destination   is   too   far   and   our   staff   are   always   on   hand   to   offer   expertise   and   advice   on   the best bread for you and, of course, to have a little chat with our regulars on a Saturday morning!   We   are   a   family   run   business   with   a   team   of   dedicated   staff   who   work   tirelessly   to   provide   a   professional   and   personal   service.   So   head   out   to   your   local   market this weekend and come meet us.   And one last thing… Just try and resist the Ultra Chocolate Brownie if you can – we dare you! 


PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT DELIVER TO YOUR HOME Ordering: Items need to be ordered at least 1 full working day before they are required or as far in advance as you like! Once your chosen items are in your basket proceed to the checkout to complete the sale. We will then be in touch via e-mail to discuss your required-by date and location of collection. If   you   have   any   special   requests   such   as   different   portion   sizes   for   some   pastry   and   patisserie   items   or   to   leave   a   cake   un-cut   please   specify   in   the   comments section   of   the   checkout   when   ordering.   We   can   also   take   orders   over   the   phone   during   our   office   hours   of   8am-4pm   Mon   –   Fri.   Simply   call   01277   354396   and we can talk through your order. We will endeavour to respond to all enquiries and orders within an hour of receiving them. Please note – we do not offer a delivery service. Items must be collected from your local market which can be found via the ‘Find Us’ section of our Home Page .




Have Your Say You can email us on We love hearing from you!!!
T oday   I   was   at   your   booth   at   Worthing   on   the   boardwalk,   I bought   a   gorgeous   dark   rye   bread.   I'm   from   Poland.   We did   not   think   that   we   would   ever   eat   in   England   a   real good   bread.   And   today   it   happened!   This   is   the   best   rye bread   I   ate   in   England!   It   is   delicious,   tasty,   fragrant   as   it should       be       true       bread!       Bravo.       Our       sincerest congratulations.   - Stefan and Ola
“Just   wanted   to   say   that   I   bought   a   tomato   and   cheese large    focaccia    last    week    in    Wokingham    market    and    it was,   by   far,   the   most   delicious   bread   I   have   ever   tasted. My   family   and   I   ate   it   cold,   as   it   was,   no   accompaniments as   we   all   agreed   that   nothing   could   enhance   its   flavour.     Well   done   and   thank   you   so   much.      I   will   be   there   on Thursday   afternoon   to   try   to   get   another   one.      Absolutely 100% delicious. Thank you” - Melinda, Wokingham
“Hi,   I   bought   one   of   your   really   chocolately   brownies   from your   stall   at   Ely   market,   Cambridgeshire   today   and   I   just wanted   to   say   'It   is   the   best   brownie   I   have   ever   had'   I will definitely be visiting your stall again, Thank you”   - Karen Dear, Cambs
“This   is   merely   a   brief   message   to   express   appreciation at      what   you   do   and   to   thank   you   for   producing   such   high quality   bread   -   all   the   more   appreciated   when   what   one sees   in   the   supermarket   today   and   tastes   afterwards   is manifestly   inferior   and   probably   injurious   in   the   long   run. There    is    a    stall    selling    your    splendid    products    in    the Cornhill,   Ipswich,   from   where   I   bought   a   garlic   loaf   today and   several   other   products.   I   am   glad   public   awareness of   the   need   for   bread   to   be   properly   made   is   rising   and     dissatisfaction       with       what       ghastly       places       like (supermarkets)    produce    under    the    phoney    guise    of      authenticity   is   also   growing.   It   speaks   volumes   that   the latter    organisation    actually    pipes    the    aroma    of    bread being   made   into   the   store   to   con   customers   into   thinking that   what   they   get   there   is   fresh   and   healthy.   Keep   up   the good   work.   I   am   sure   it   can't   be   easy   matching   supply with growing demand but you seem to be doing well.” - Richard, Ipswich

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brownbread OFFER THE VERY BEST IN BREADS, PASTRIES AND PATISSERIES FOR EVERY OCCASION You can buy from us in two ways. Firstly you can order from us online for pick up from one of our outlets. To order you will need to go to our desktop website, pick what you would like and choose the outlet from which you would prefer to pick up. We do not deliver to your home. Alternatively, every day we have pop-up stalls in various locations (typically markets, high streets and local events). Here is full list of our regular venues. Pick a day to find out where we’ll be.
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